ICLUB is a global network of private investors, established by a leading European VC fund TA Ventures. ICLUB gives an opportunity to make small-ticket co-investments with our fund in high-growth early-stage startups in US and EU.

What Robinhood did with stock trading, we're doing with venture capital: making it more accessible to private investors. We achieve this by delivering access to a quality deal flow on a regular basis.

To actually get to know us, you can check out our portfolio, meet our team or read the latest news on our Insta.

Investment Relationship Manager, ICLUB Online

This is a full-time role, based in Kyiv.

We are opening an opportunity for investors to invest with us online. The investors community will receive the start up investment opportunities on an online platform. You will be the first point of contact for angel investors enquiring to receive information about the presented startups or investment processes. The goal of this interaction is to fully inform the investor, allowing him to make an investment decision independently.

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ICLUB Dubai Director

This is a full-time role, based in Dubai or the Middle East.

We are strengthening and expanding our ICLUB Global presence in Dubai. Our plan is to grow an investors’ community, who can choose to join via offline or online events and invest together with ICLUB into dealflows from TA Ventures.

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