• TA Ventures is an early stage globally focused venture fund with 10+ years of experience. It was founded in 2010 by Viktoriya Tigipko. Since 2010 TA Ventures team has invested in more than 200 startups, which resulted in over 60 exits and 6 IPO’s. ICLUB members have participated in over 60 deals.

  • ICLUB members invest only in startups funded by TA Ventures. TA Ventures finds startups, conducts due-diligence, and makes investment decisions. Selected startups are shown with all the necessary information to ICLUB Online members through our platform to help investors streamline research process.

  • TA Ventures investment strategy is focused on early stage startups from Europe, USA, LATAM and MENA regions. We are industry agnostic, but focused on Mobility, Digital Health, Fintech, Proptech and Enterprise Software.

  • As an ICLUB member, you join our online platform, where we present 3-4 new deals each month. You will be notified via email / regional partner / local chats when a new deal is added.

  • ICLUB members have already made 60+ investments. You can see our full portfolio in 'Portfolio' section and read the news in the 'Insights' section.

  • We invest and exit together with TA Ventures. Our average holding period is 3 years. Since part of TA Venture’s strategy is to take a minority share, we can take advantage of the secondaries market or use more classical exit options of M&A and IPO.

  • Fill out the form and complete the onboarding with KYC. After that you will gain access to our deal flows and to our global community.

  • We have offices in London, Kyiv, Almaty, Zurich, Warsaw and Cyprus. If you are from other countries, you are welcome to join through our online platform.